Illustration of a yearbook open to a page with signatures and students' photos

Google Slides Signature Collector
Google Slides Add-on

The add-on creates a web page you can send to students. The page has a form for students to type and sign their names on a computer or mobile device. All of the signatures are saved into a Google Slide, where they can be resized, rotated, and arranged as desired. Once the layout is done, you can download the slide with all of the signatures as a PNG with a transparent file to use for a yearbook page, T shirt, or any other project that uses signatures.

Set up

Make a copy of this template to get started (click the blue “Use Template” button in the top right corner). Once you’ve read the instructions, you can delete them from the slide. You’ll need to resize the slide to whatever dimensions you want your final image to be. Then, watch the following video to see how to publish the submission page in the Apps Script editor (less than 5 minutes). Once you set this up, send the link to students to start collecting signatures!


This add-on only transfers data from the submission page to the Google Slides you set up. It does not go back to me or any third parties. When you create a copy of the template, you are also creating a copy of the Apps Script code. Just like any other G Suite file, this means you will be the sole owner of the copy and no one who could edit the original file will be able to edit your copy (unless you share it with them).

This app isn’t verified

When you attempt to give the add-on permission to run the first time, you may see a scary-looking screen that says “this app isn’t verified”. This just means it has not been submitted to Google for review. All of the data will only exist inside the web browser of the user signing the page and on Google’s App Script servers. To bypass this message, click “Advanced” and then “Go to Signature Collector (unsafe)”.

Screenshot of a screen that says "This app isn't verified" with an arrow pointing to links that say "advanced" and "go to Signature Collector (unsafe)"


The form to collect signatures is public (if you set it up using the recommendations in the video). However, the collected signatures are only visible to people who have view/edit access to the slideshow you set up with the template. This means that while anyone can sign, you can control who has access to the collected signatures.

While Google has many measures in place to protect your security and privacy, it is best practice to use an “autograph” that is distinct from the signature you’d use on legally binding documents for this add-on. This is good practice for anywhere you’re signing for recreational purposes, both online and offline, to prevent potential misuse of your signature.


Screenshot of a form with a space for users to type their name and draw their signature. Screenshot of a Google Slides presentation with digital signatures spread out throughout the slide.

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