An illustration of Scratch blocks inside of a document

Scratch Blocks
Add-on for Google Docs and Slides

This add-on uses the text to Scratch blocks tool by Tim Radvan help you insert Scratch blocks into Google Docs and Google Slides just by typing.


This tutorial shows the process in Google Docs, but the Slides version works in exactly the same way. Use the “next” and “previous” buttons in the “Try” tab to walk through each step. Click the “view” tab to see all steps at once. Open tutorial in new window.


1 Open your document or slideshow and click Add-ons

Step 1 image

2 Click Scratch Blocks

Step 2 image

3 Click Show Generator

Step 3 image

4 If necessary, change the version of Scratch and the language (if you don't want to use English)

Step 4 image

5 Click in the box and type the code for the blocks you'd like to use

Step 5 image

6 Some blocks require certain punctuation and/or symbols to display correctly. Click Syntax Guide to see how to type all block types.

Step 6 image

7 Click Preview blocks

Step 7 image

8 Check to make sure your blocks look the way you'd like them to.

Step 8 image

9 If any blocks appear red, you may be missing a punctuation mark or other character. Click Syntax Guide to see how to type each kind of block.

Step 9 image

10 Change the image size as you'd like it. Larger sizes are higher resolutions.

Step 10 image

11 Click Insert blocks

Step 11 image

12 The block(s) will appear in your document. If necessary, you can resize your blocks by clicking and dragging the handle in the corner.

Step 12 image

13 Happy Scratching!

Step 13 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners


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