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Illustration of a computer screen showing a colorful page. The top of the page is labeled

Digital Exit Tickets in Google Slides

Use these exit tickets for a digital snapshot of student learning in a format that’s easy for kids to use without running into technical snags.

Illustration of a computer screen with a simplified version of the Scratch editor. The left side displays nondescript Scratch blocks and the right side displays a math game with

Create a Math Game in Scratch

Practice coding and math skills at the same time by building a beginner-friendly math game in Scratch!

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Illustration of a laptop with a color sort on the screen. Three dotted boxes are labeled red, yellow, and green. The red box has a red heart inside. A green leaf and yellow star are sitting outside, waiting to be sorted into their boxes.

Sliding New Activities into Google Slides

Google Slides can be used for much more than just presentations. In this tutorial, you’ll see ways to set up foolproof templates to maximize learning.

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