When I was sitting down with 4th grade teachers to make a plan for the year, we realized that students didn’t have a solid grasp of Google Drive since all of our activities were pre-created and shared in Google Classroom. While Classroom is convenient and I would never want to move away from it, it is also important that students understand how to organize and share documents and files in a cloud-based setting. To help with this, we did a Google Drive scavenger hunt to give 4th graders the chance to explore some of these features and functionality more in depth.


In the activity, students worked in groups of three to complete a set of tasks broken down into step-by-step instructions. After each task, they worked together to answer a set of questions about the task. At the end of the class period, each member of the group that completed the most tasks and answered the most questions won a 3D printed fidget toy!

Check out the full lesson plan and materials. By far the hardest part of the activity was getting students into groups and communicating the instructions, but the lesson plan has one suggested method for getting students into an efficient work flow.

Do you teach Google Drive in your classes? I’d love to hear about it on Twitter!




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