Exit tickets are a great way to check for understanding. Sometimes, it can be helpful to distribute them in a digital format. This allows students to complete them inside or outside of school and revisit/reflect on what they’ve learned even after submission. For teachers, digital exit tickets are easy to keep over time to track student progress through the year and to revisit common sources of confusion when preparing to teach the same topic in future years.


I’ve created digital versions of common exit ticket prompts in Google Slides. These templates can be given to students as digital copies so each student has their own. They’re designed to be easy even for younger students to use. All directions are locked to prevent students from accidentally moving and deleting them. If a student accidentally moves or deletes a text box, they can restore that text box by reapplying the layout (see animation below). Boxes they’ve already filled with words will remain filled.

Animated gif showing a person deleting a text box, clicking the Layout menu, and choosing the thumbnail of the current exit ticket. The text box re-appears where it was at the beginning.

The exit tickets are listed below. You’ll need to create your own copy of an exit ticket to try it out. You will not see the “Click to add text” placeholders in the view-only versions. Click on each template to see and make a copy. You can also see it larger and copy them in this folder.

3-2-1 exit ticket with boxes for 3 things I learned today, 2 questions I still have, and one goal for tomorrow Exit ticket titled '5 things I know about ______' with 5 boxes labeled 1-5 Exit ticket with boxes for 'Things I know', 'Ways I grew', 'Things I will do', and 'Questions I still have' Exit ticket titled 'Today I read _________' with boxes for text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world connections

Creating Your Own

If you’re interested in customizing these exit tickets or creating your own activities with locked items and placeholders, check out Sliding New Activities into Google Slides.

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