Illustration of a pair of scissors cutting a piece of paper with shapes drawn on it.

Google Forms Add-on

Snip is an addon for Google Forms to help teachers turn printed worksheets into digital forms. With Snip, users can easily crop and save sections of their worksheets (such as instructions, questions, and answers) to their Google Drive. Users can then insert the cropped portions of the worksheet directly into questions and responses in Google Forms instead of having to type and recreate diagrams.

You can install it from the Chrome Web Store.


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All of the information you put into the Snip add-on is only processed inside of your web browser and on the Google Apps servers. No information is sent back to me or any third parties.

This add-on requests permission to do the following:

See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
This permission is used to allow you to open images saved in your Google Drive and to save the images you crop back into your Drive when you use the add-on. No existing files in Google Drive are accessed unless you explicitly choose them. Snip will never delete data from your Google Drive - this permission is only included because Google does not allow developers to see, edit, and create items without also asking for permission to delete items.
View and manage your forms in Google Drive
This permission is used to attach the Snip add-on to your Google Forms. It may be used in the future to insert images directly into your form (only when you explicitly perform this action in the add-on), but the current version does not insert images directly - users must manually upload images via the built-in Forms interface.
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google Applications
This permission is used to display display sidebars and help information when you run the add-on.
See the add-on privacy policy for more information.


A scanned photo of a worksheet with an overlay that highlights one particular question. Controls at the bottom of the screen allow the user to select whether this is a question or instruction, specify the question number, specify whether it is an answer option, save it to Google Drive, and select a new image from Google Drive. A Google Drive folder that shows a list of instructions, questions, and responses, named in the format Instruction X, Question X Part Y, Question X Response Y

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