Mockup of a Macbook with the Scratch Project Viewer website displaying a sample Dance Party Scratch project.

Scratch Viewer
Vue, Nuxt

The Scratch Project Viewer is a wrapper for forkphorus to make it easier to share Scratch projects that have not been published on the Scratch platform while customizing the way the project is displayed.


Web page showing an embedded Scratch project with the title Dance Party. The project has a photo of a smiling woman performing a disco dance move and a blue illustrated monster character with its hands behind its back in a whimsical manner. Below the project, a caption reads Web page showing various settings to control the display of the project viewer. Options include URL of project to embed, title, caption, dimensions, whether to show the controls, whether to start the project automatically, whether to show the download button, background color, and text color. Below the settings is a box with a URL to copy and share.

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