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Test Room Locator
PHP, MySQL, Javascript (AngularJS)

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The Test Room Locator website is designed to allow students to find out dates, times, and the room to which they are assigned for school-wide tests quickly and easily by searching with their student ID.

The admin section is designed to allow administrators to quickly create, edit, and delete tests and sessions and to upload room assignments using CSV files. The system supports multiple schools and both school administrators who can create, edit, and delete test data for their own schools and global administrators who can create, edit, and delete test data for all schools as well as create and delete users. The demo account is a school administrator account that only grants access to one school.


Webpage titled 'Where are my tests?', a box to type a Student ID, and a table that displays each test, its session dates, and room numbers. Webpage that shows a table of all tests in the database with administrative information and options such as editing, deleting, and adding tests Webpage showing a list of all tests in tabs. One tab is open and shows a list of rooms assigned to that test.

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