Unified Scholarship Application is a web application for schools to put applications for all of their local scholarships in one convenient place. Modeled off the Common Application used to apply to colleges, the Unified Scholarship Application minimizes the number of times applicants need to input the same information. Each applicant fills out a personal profile, selects the scholarships that appeal to them, and fills out the supplemental questions for their selected scholarships. Each scholarship sponsor receives the profiles and relevant supplemental questions of all applicants. The system also manages extra materials, such as grade transcript release forms and letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are also filled out on the website by the recommending adults and sent directly to the scholarships to which they are requested.

Platform details

Form responses can be saved, reviewed, and edited by applicants

Dashboard tracks progress, showing applicants exactly what they need to do to finish applying

Sponsors can log in and download all responses as RTF file

School administrators can upload user account data

School administrators can generate new account data from scratch